I'm Kim, a working mother of two, and wife to my best friend.

My kids make me laugh, my kids make me cry, and they even make me want to hide.

Come along and enjoy our journey. I guarantee you'll have a blast.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grounding Your Children

What's your favorite method of punishment? Let me rephrase that...which method is the most effective?
I have learned that time out's no longer work in our house hold. I'm looking for more creative ways to make an impact on my kids. Grounding? Grounding from toys, playing with friends?
Lastnight on the drive home, my son tells me about a friend of his that is grounded again. I thought "Wow, this boy sure does get grounded alot."
So I say...Logan do you think I should ground you more often?
Logan just ignores me.
But Morgan, she certainly has an opinion.
Mom, I definitely think you should ground Logan more. That would be OK with me.

Church Behavior

What's your secret to keeping your kids in line during church?
I'm half tempted to believe it's nothing magical...it's simply with age comes an appreciation for mass.
I've sat in the crying room for many years, but with kids age 8 and 5, that's a bit embarrasing. This year we have been sitting with all the other visitors, but I cannot get my kids to sit still and listen.
For Easter mass, I packed a bag of crayons and a pad of paper to keep Morgan occupied. Logan was on his own...at the age of 8 you better listen, stay quiet...or else.
Apparently Morgan had enough of coloring and sitting still that she finally says...
Mom, when you go up to get your chip can we FINALLY go home?
With my best straight face, I promise her it's nearly over. Just be patient and sing.
She quietly sings under her breath in her best church voice...
I want to go home, I want to go home, I want to go home
I'm crossing my fingers that with age will come an appreciation and patience for church.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Growth Chart

How do you mark your children's growth?
I'm quite certain I would have preferred a different method, however my husband chose a prominent wall in my kitchen to mark these milestones.
On their year and half year birthdays they are measured and marked on the wall.
Morgan just turned 5 in November but couldn't wait to see how much she had grown since then. To my shock she grew almost an inch.
She very proudly says "Momma, I am getting so big. I know why I grew...I ate a whole carrot the other day."

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter Weekend

Will the Eater Bunny be visiting your house this weekend? I sure hope so, and I hope you have lots of fun spring activities planned.
We will be enjoying ourselves on a day trip to Keenland Race Track, hosting Eater dinner and an Egg hunt at our house and hopefully (crossing my fingers) enjoying some beautiful spring weather.
Here's an appropriate quote to get you in the mood:
All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt! Lucy Van Pelt
In Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz.

Sibling Sharing

Do your children share well with others and their siblings especially? I am happy to say that my kids are pretty good about this, especially with each other. However, I've learned there is always an exception to this rule. And the exception in my house is CANDY. I needed to take Morgan on an errand so as a reward I let her pick out a treat. She chose Starburst of course and held onto that package like it was made of gold. We return home and like a vulture, Logan spots the candy and immediately has his eye on the prize. Morgan, can I have a piece. Morgan, can I have two pieces. Morgan, Morgan when can I have a piece. To which she replies... Logan, Logan, Logan now don't get too excited. You have to wait until I want to open them and even then I'm only giving you one. Hmmm...I was worried that Logan would be upset, but he took it like a champ. Then it all made sense when I went upstairs to kiss them goodnight and see that Logan has eaten all of her starburst while she was sleeping. Nice Kid, Real Nice.
Get the awesome candy here

Gimme My Chocolate NOW

My little girl likes chocolate. Not just likes, LOVES. I bet if I were to sneak inside of her dreams, it would be filled with chocolate candies.
My girlfriend brought her home a special chocolate easter egg from Brazil. But she has to wait for Easter. Morgan does not want to wait for Easter. She wants her chocolate NOW!
She sees that chocolate egg just sitting in her house, and she stares at it and tries to figure out ways to get it out of there. Poly always catches her...
Morgan, put the chocolate down. You have to wait until Easter.
Poly, I just want to hold it. I want to keep it at my house.
Morgan, put the chocolate down. You cannot have it until Easter.
This doesn't sit well with Morgan, so the other night she saw her chance. Poly was gone, the garage was open...she devised her plan.
Mom, Poly's gone. I'm going to go in the house and get my chocolate. I promise I won't eat it, I just want to keep it at my house. Poly will never know I took it.
I was half tempted to let her do it to pull a fast one over on my friend, but then what would I be teaching her? What kind of mother would I be?!
What would you do for chocolate?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rhyme Time

Morgan has been in the rhyming mood. So much so, that she has been making up rhymes to fit the mood of the house.
You see her Dad has been really grumpy...Allergies, or so he says. I suppose this really got to her so while on a recent shopping trip with my girlfriend, Poly, she decides to make a rhyme.
Poly Doly, Poly Holly, Chis is pissed.
I suppose you figured out that her dad's name is Chris. After my shock, I say Morgan, we don't say that word.
Why not Mom? It's true - Chris is pissed.
Thank goodness I was at the grocery store...I suppose I should pick up some extra allergy medicine.

Protective Body Gear

We have reached the age where our son needs to wear a cup when he plays baseball. I can't believe this, but the child was beyond excited when he got his very first cup. He wouldn't stop talking about it and looking at it in the package.
So much so, that Morgan finally says...
Logan, why don't you put your cup on and be a sexy man.
Nicely put Morgan. The fact that you are his sister doesn't scare me at all. No not at all.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Weekend

It's FINALLY gorgeous here in Cincy. It's been long overdue, but I plan on enjoying it this weekend.
I also plan on spending a lot of time at Baseball and Soccer games. One soccer practice, two soccer games, one baseball practice and one baseball game. And to cap off the whole weekend, we will finish it up watching the Cincinnati Reds take on the Pittsburgh Pirates at Great American Ballpark.
Have a great weekend and GO REDS!

Shoe Diva 3

I can't believe I'm going to say it, but now it's my son being the shoe diva. I'll admit the child needs some new shoes and I'll also admit that I am waiting until the last possible minute to purchase some.
Before school, he wanted to go play outside and obviously needed some shoes. This was also the morning that his dad had his shoes in the car and drove that car to work.
Somehow that's his dad's fault because he didn't bring his shoes to his locker where they belong...
He proceeds to freak out...Mom, what am I suppose to wear for shoes to school? I have NOTHING to wear. You HAVE to buy me new shoes.
Logan, you have a new pair of converse that you HAD to have. They have never been worn, wear those.
What in the world are Converse?
The grey shoes in your locker, that you HAD to have.
What do they look like Mom?
Logan for cryin out loud, go in your locker and look for yourself.
After a few minutes, he comes back in.
These Mom? I think these are too stylish for me.
I know I repeat this often...but help me Jesus.
Get the shoes here

Word Games

When my kids have the 30 minute drive to Tumbling and Soccer School they often look for things to do to pass the time.
Lastnights choice was a word game. Choose two words and put them together to form a new word.
Morgan's creations:
Dog & House = doghouse. Not bad for a 5 year old.
Logan's creations:
Horn & e = horne. I would like to give him an A+ for creativity, but instead I'll just remain petrified that at the age of 8, this is the word he chooses to create.

Pretend Baby Bumps

When you were kids did you stuff balls in your belly and pretend it was a baby bump?
Or how about water balloons in your bra?
I've done all of the above.
That's why when my kids and their buddies were playing this week, I couldn't help but giggle and think back about when I was little. It always amazes me that kids always play the same silly games no matter what generation they are from.
What other games did you play as kids that you see your own children playing?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Shoe Diva 2

My little shoe diva was at it again this weekend. It's a huge decision to decide which shoes to wear.
This morning the choice was sparkly flip flops from the Gap. I'm feeling good about a morning without tears regarding our shoes.
Then it comes...
These shoes FREAKING kill my feet, I don't know why I continue to wear these.
In this situation, I just looked at her and turned back around as if I didn't hear. No tears were shed, however Morgan is going to have one long day ahead.
Get the shoes here

Bath Time Rules

Bath time in my opinion should be relatively uneventful. Get in, wash up, Get out.
However, this is never the case in my house. Logan was in the middle of his typical shower routine, when I had to go in and tell him it was time to get out.
I was obviously surprised to see him doing a hand stand in the shower. After my moment of shock, I simply ask - Why boy why?
Mom, I'm rinsing the soap off my butt.
I can't believe I actually have to implement a bath time rule:
No handstands in the shower!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shoe Diva

Morgan is in what I like to call a shoe rut. She is not satisfied with her options for shoe wear.
So as a surprise I did manage to sneak a bargain pair of sandals home to her.
They are black gladiator style shoes that zip at the heel....Morgan was in love.
This surprise quickly ended as a tear filled disaster - the shoes are too big.
Mom, I want to wear these to school (pouty lip, tear stained cheeks and all). Kennedy isn't going to get to see how pretty I am. I want you to go and get me a new pair now. (Which wasn't going to happen because this was the last pair and at 4 bucks, that's what you get)
Babe, Mommy can't get you a new pair, we will just have to save them and grow into them.
With camel tears now...Moooooom, I NEED TO SHOW EVERYONE AT SCHOOL!
Morgan, it will be OK we can pick out a new pair of shoes.
The light bulb has gone off...Really, Mommy. Can I get a new pair tonight?
Of course Daddy brings her home lastnight with a second new pair of shoes.
Fast forward to this morning....
Another tear filled disaster....They don't fit like she expects, they slip a little.
Mom, I want to wear these to school (pouty lip, tear stained cheeks and all). Kennedy isn't going to get to see how pretty I am. I want you to go and get me a new pair now....Can I get another new pair tonight.
HELP ME! If I have to have a third morning with tears about our shoes, I'm going to scream.
How do you avoid the shoe/clothing battle in the morning?
Get the shoes here

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To Be Young And Fearless

Over the weekend, my kids were able to spend lots of time playing with their friends. I was so happy to see them spend lots of time at the house just being kids. No activities, no chores...just play time.
It had been a long day and apparently my Morgan had enough. She left her friends, sat down on the couch and started watching a movie.
Her friend wonders where she is and finds her on the couch. Morgan, aren't you going to play with me?
She ignores as if she can't hear.
Morgan, play with me. Please.
She still ignores.
Morgan, if you don't play with me, I'm going home.
No more ignoring...just a simple...
BYE!!! (Kinda like a don't let the door hit you in the a#%)
WOW...how do kids get away with that. As an adult I would never do that. Don't you sometimes wish you can just say and do what you want and don't have a care in the world what anyone thinks?
AHHHHH...To be young and fearless again

Who's The Boss?

Are you the boss in your house? Do your children fear you, and have the utmost respect for your authority?
Mine don't. I've come to terms with it...I figured I should stop thinking otherwise. That was until my girl witnessed me getting aggravated with Logan. I can tell the child 10 times to stop doing something, or to do something and he will continue to carry on as if he has potato's in his ears.
Then it happens. My girl says the golden statement...
When will Logan learn not to cross Momma?
At least one child get's it...There is hope yet.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Weekend

Can you believe the weekend is here already? Happy Friday - Happy April fools day. No good jokes up my sleeves, but maybe I'll come up with something before the day is over.
I'm still anxiously awaiting Spring weather, but it looks like all I'm getting is low 50's this weekend. I'll keep my head up and try to enjoy time with the kids and a date night tomorrow
Have a fabulous weekend!
If you are feeling silly, try some of Martha Stewart's awesome pranks.
Photo via here


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