I'm Kim, a working mother of two, and wife to my best friend.

My kids make me laugh, my kids make me cry, and they even make me want to hide.

Come along and enjoy our journey. I guarantee you'll have a blast.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Are Salad's Dumb?

Logan was having his usual, I'm 8 and I'm smarter than you moment. So much so, that he earned himself a spot in his room to think about just how smart his parents really are.
Obviously he was not going to go easy...
Logan, go to your room and think about your behavior.
Nooo, Mom. I'm sorry, I promise I'll be good.
Logan, go to your room. I'm done discussing this with you.
Puhhhhleassse! I promise, I won't do it again.
Obviously, I am never going to get this child to eat his veggies.

Sharing A Meal With Your Children

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend...we sure did. My daughter had a special treat with her daddy this weekend...lunch together, just the two of them. Morgan gets so excited to get this special attention, that I had to ask her all about it when she got home.
How was lunch with daddy Morgan?
Good. I love daddy.
I know you do, so did you and daddy bond on this special lunch?
No, we didn't sit in the same seat.
This made me laugh...you see, we usually request a booth, and apparently since they didn't sit on the same side of the booth, they didn't bond! Amazing what a five year old thinks it takes to bond.
We are definitely not the kind of couple to sit on the same side of the table when we dine...how about you? Are you same side of the booth sitters?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Weekend

Who loves fondue? I can hardly believe the weekend is here again, but here it is and we have much planned. Obviously fondue is on the agenda...(perhaps I'll come in vintage attire to really get in the spirit), the home and garden show, swimming...and of course many unforgettable moments)
Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Basic Math

Lastnight on the drive home Logan was teaching his little sister the ins and outs of Elementary School. You know the usual...where she will eat lunch, where she will have receess, how she will get from the bus to her room... Morgan was soaking it all up and I was loving this big brother/little sister moment. Morgan was most fascinated with the homework aspect of school. Am I going to have lots of homework Logie? In Kindergarten not too much, but by the time you get to second grade, you will have sooooooo much homework. Especially math, but you will be able to do addition, subtraction and even multiplication. You know like 3x3, 100+10, infiniti plus 1. Yeah I know Logan. And google plus 100. Ummmmm...Google is a number isn't it? Logan ponders this for awhile, yeah Google is a number. Numbers never end you know. How could I interrupt this moment they were having...soon enough they will find out all about Google.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

iPhone Apps for Kids

I love my iPhone and all the fun games and gadgets that go with it, however it has suddenly become apparent to me that I must look over these games and details with a fine tooth comb.
Let me explain...You see my son received my husbands old phone once he upgraded to the 4G (which now only functions as an iPod touch). We allowed Logan to have this iPod and download games that were Free only. We made a pact that we would look over anything he has downloaded to be sure it was age appropriate, and in fact I often look for games I think he would like and download them for him.
Logan is a huge fan of soccer so he obviously wanted every free soccer game he could find. Soccer is pretty harmless right? One would think...that was until Logan starts to play this game and I hear shooting.
Logan, what game are you playing. You aren't allowed to have shoot em up games!?
It's soccer Mom.
Soccer that shoots?
Let me see that...On further inspection I am mortified at what I see. Naked soccer players playing a game of soccer while shooting weapons.
To say the least, I was stunned. I immediately delete the game off of his iPod and before I can say another word he turns to me and says...
That game was really inappropriate for me Mom.
Ya think buddy?!! And how is it that I now feel like the child and he the parent.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Pickle Debacle

Who likes pickles? I happen to be one of those people that love them...so as most terrific parents do, I insisted my kids should try them, so they too would see how delicious they are. The only one who fell for my bribe was Logan. Hey people...2 bucks to eat a pickle is a tempting offer to a seven year old ( I know quite a few adults who would eat a pickle for 2 bucks). Logan has taken the bet and boy is he excited....think of the possibilities. 2 whole dollars!!! He takes a look at the pickle, plans his strategy. Should I just dig right in or approach this differently? Definitely going to go for it...One big bite. This is going to be the easiest 2 bucks I ever earned. My parents are such tools it's ridiculous.

You know what....hold on. Better yet, I'm going to cut the pickle in the tiniest little pieces I possibly can. Yes...that will be better, let's let this linger on for an eternity.

I'm doin it, I'm doin it...my very first bite of a pickle. Wait for it...wait for it.... Oh my gosh, that is quite possibly the most horrific thing I have ever tasted. Be cool, be cool...Mom and Dad are feeling pretty full of themselves right now. Whatever, they're lame. Just take a drink. A big drink. Those two dollars are mine. MINE I TELL YOU!

One bite down, 20 more to go. Why did I cut these up so small. Definitely not my brightest moment....

My gosh, it really does not get any better does it. Even after the second bite, it is still the most terrible thing I have ever tasted.

I can do this...GET IT TOGETHER MAN!

I did it...Dad is an absolute sucker. Two bites equal two bucks. Please - he is SOOOOO easy!

Now, when are we going to blow this popsicle stand so I can have this cash stop burnin a hole in my pocket?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mom vs Executive Chef

We spent a wonderful Friday evening having dinner with friends at a local hot spot.
We ordered two filets with sides of mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. Assuming we would share with the kids...we dish out the mac and cheese and mashed potatoes. The entire time I'm thinking, wow our kids are blessed. They get to eat at the most delicious places.
I notice Morgan isn't touching her food....Later she says, Mommy I have a secret to tell you.
What is it honey?
I don't really like my dinner.
Why? What's wrong?
The mashed potatoes have spices in there, and the macaroni has big tubes and the cheese is weird. (Imagine some of the most delicious oohey gooey mac and cheese ever).
I only like the mashed potatoes and macaroni that you make me Mommy. You're the best cook ever.
Awww, that's sweet honey. I'll be sure to keep this secret between us.
(After all, I wouldn't want her to know that she should really be thanking Bob Evans and Kraft for her delicious meals, now would I?)

Mac & Cheese Does The Body Good

During bath time, Morgan seemed focused...very focused.
So focused on one particular area so much that she decided to make her chest bigger while pinching what very little skin there is.
She then proudly says (as she is pinching), Momma...Look, my boobies are getting bigger. Do you know why Momma?
Why buttercup?
Because I've been eating all the right things.
If I had known hot dogs and mac and cheese did the trick, I would have done that years ago.

Do you know Ambertan Langton?

It's so fun to get a special treat in the mailbox, when most days you are rewarded with junk mail and bills. So when the kids had a mailbox surprise this weekend, we were delighted.
A special card with a five dollar bill is all we needed to turn the day around. Morgan was especially thrilled. All she could talk about was adding her money to her Hello Kitty wallet. Well that and the fact that she could identify the president on the five dollar bill.
Daddy, Daddy! I got a five dollar bill with Ambertan Langton on it!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Photo by Designs by Difulvio. Embellishment by Cocodot.
The kids and I have been relatively busy (and quiet) getting ready for the weekend. With Valentine's Day arriving in 3 days, I've been crazed getting together Valentines and making preparations for a cozy night in with family on Monday.
I'm certain the things I have planned (hint: indoor picnic, fort and twinkle lights) for the kids on Monday will bring out the best conversations.
Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Booster Seat Rules

Logan has officially reached the age where he no longer needs a booster seat when riding in the car. Rest assured, I've checked with the doctor and every online resource I possibly could before deciding it was OK. It seems everyone but me is ready for Logan to move to the next stage.
Chris has been telling Logan for weeks now that he will be getting rid of his booster when he turns eight. To be honest, he and Logan have been making a ridiculously big deal over this. I personally think it's silly, yet I'm perfectly comfortable with letting him get rid of it ;))
Today was the day to banish the seat forever. Logan practically threw it out of the car this morning and dumped it in the garbage. HEY HEY kid, no need to be hasty. Let's just leave it in the garage just in case...we may need it again.
We proceed to school, Logan in his seatbelt like an adult, looking out the window and enjoying his new ride.
We get to school and Chris says, Logan how was it? Your first ride in the car without a booster.
Yeah Dad, about that....I thought it would be more fun. It wasn't nearly as exciting as you said it was going to be. It was just like sitting in a seat.
Sheesh...I could have told you that. Now...how am I going to get that booster in the car without him noticing?
PS...Graco, thank you for keeping my boy safe for the first 8 years of his life.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Wedding Cost - Daddy vs Daughter

Lastnight during one of our silly dinner conversations, the cost of weddings comes up.
You see Chris and I got married on a beach. Even though it was beautiful and perfect for us, it may not be every woman's cup of tea. Chris imagines that this is what he will do for his daughter. And being that she is 5 now, he thought it best to start discussions with her ;))
Morgan, do you want Daddy to pay for a big wedding for you or a small wedding....like on a beach or something.
Big wedding Daddy.
On a beach....do you want it on a beach.
Yes, on a beach Daddy. Just like you.
I can see relief swipe over his face.....
So 3000.00 should be plenty for that right Morgan.
Daddy - more like 3000 million.
Thatta Girl!!!
Kids, help me get your dad up off the floor.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gas Attack

Photo by Designs by Difulvio
What is it about boys? Are they hyper sensitive to smells or what? I think it must be part of their makeup...sniff it out and yell it out. Embarrass those around you at all costs.
Without mentioning names, someone in the house obviously was having a grumbly tummy.
Logan without hesitation...
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! Who just blew gas?!?!? (Can he be any more dramatic?)
As we all stand there not willing to fess up...he continues.
I don't know who that was, but I swear something is dying inside your body. You need to go to the doctor and have that removed.
I continue...perhaps Logan your smelling yourself.
No Mom, it's definitely not me. I know what mine smell like and that smells like someone blew a bomb. I'm serious a doctor is needed.
Not sure a doctor is needed, but definitely an acting coach. Are all 7 year old boys so dramatic?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Exercise or Death?

Photo by Designs by Difulvio
I can't remember how this conversation started at our house, but it was either that I was talking about working out or complaining about working out.
I'm certain I wasn't complaining. No...definitely not. I live to workout.
During this conversation with Chris, the kids are very aware of every word we are saying.
I'm sure I wasn't thinking of skipping the gym that night...No way. Definitely not. I live to workout.
Morgan then chimes in and says
Moooooommmmm! If you don't work out, you die.
Really, is that true. (Note, I am starting to sweat at this point)
Yes Mom. It's true. Workout or die.
There really is nothing I could say to her, she's wise for five. I still went with the Dairy Queen Blizzard and decided I would just work out tomorrow. I'm definitely going tomorrow. Remember, I live to workout :)


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