I'm Kim, a working mother of two, and wife to my best friend.

My kids make me laugh, my kids make me cry, and they even make me want to hide.

Come along and enjoy our journey. I guarantee you'll have a blast.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

All The Colors Of the Forest

Do you ever take car rides with your family? How about scavanger hunts while you enjoy your ride?
We tried both on our vacation with a drive through the Smokey Mountains. While driving, the kids found themselves quickly bored and me quickly annoyed. Even though we made frequent stops through the tour, my son complained as much as he could.
Mooooom, when are we going to get there. This is sooooooo BORING!
Mom, I'm bored. How long is this going to take.
Mom, can we get out yet, I'm dying, I'm sooooo BORED!
Logan, why don't you look out the window and count the colors you see.
Fine. 1,2 I'm done. Moooooooom! I'm still bored!!
I can't really argue with the child. This time of year, there really are only two colors in the Park, but apparently I'm not allowed to shove a sock in his mouth.
I did however get some good shots of the two colors of the Park.

I've Got The Vacation Blues

So we are home...sad but true. Vacation was great, I had time to read, soak in the hot tub, and sleep! The kids were busy with activities including the Titanic Museum, Magi Quest, Mining for Gold, riding the chair lift up the mountain etc.
Sadly, Dollywood was closed on the day we were going to go, so we will leave that on the list for another year. All in all, vacation was a success and I'm glad to be home.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Weekend

It's FRIDAY! And for us, it also happens to be the last day before Spring Break. To celebrate we are heading to Tennessee tomorrow. Goodbye Cincinnati, Hello Smoky Mountains.
I do believe pancakes are in order, Dollywood, and maybe we'll see a bear or two.
We'll see you back here on Thursday....have a fabulous weekend!
Photo via here

Spit Just Doesn't Cut It

Lastnight was a busy night - soccer school and tumbling. We have a system when we need to get the kids to these activities because they are 30 minutes from our house.
Stop one, head home pick up the soccer gear, the tumbling outfit
Stop two, pick up Logan from school - (of course he was running late because of after school art class)
Stop three - pick up Morgan
Stop four - head to nearest drive through for dinner & pray we are on the road by 5:40
Of course Logan did not like this order. The order we have been following for a year.
You see - he was STARVING!
MOOOOM - I'm starving. I don't want to get Morgan before dinner. Puhhhhleassse take me to McDonald's now - I can't wait to eat. I'm STARVING - and I'll I've got to eat is this spit in my mouth.
Well heaven forbid all you have is spit - Stop three, head to nearest drive through and continue to pray we are on the road in time.
And for all you curious readers...of course we were late. The drive through lady did not know how to take orders and forgot our fries. Thank you McDonald's, Thank you
Like the picture...you'll love the book more.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Assigned Dinner Table Seats

Do you have assigned seats in your family when it comes to eating? In my family, we never actually stated that we did, but everyone always sits in the same seat.
Morgan with the perfect view of the TV, Logan with the seat that allows for the fastest getaway, and Mom and Dad next to each other pretending they are alone.
The other night, Morgan wanted to stake her claim on her chair (remember, she must never lose her view of the TV), so she made little place cards with our names on them.
She very proudly states to the family "These are your assigned seats. Please keep your name tag here so you know where to sit"
Mom says "Ok babe".
Dad says "Thanks Morgan".
Logan says "That's dumb. I don't need a note to tell me where to sit. I always sit in the same chair anyway".
Morgan says "You don't have to look at your tag, so why don't you just shut up and sit down in your assigned seat".
Well allrighty then, please do NOT mess with the seat master.

Teaching Children About Money

Logan is obsessed! With money that is.
I was at my wits end...Mom, I need you to buy me this, Mom, can we go to the store to get this, Mom, how much does this cost, Mom, can I do extra chores so I can buy this? IT NEVER ENDS!
So in an effort to educate my boy on money, I had a long conversation with him and also showed him that there are more important things he should be focusing on...like climbing trees, playing with his friends etc
This conversation took a good 15 minutes...his Dad and I had his undivided attention.
All was quiet, the child was actually listening to me! It's going to sink in, I could feel it.
At the conclusion of the lecture, I said "Logan do you understand what we are telling you?"
Quiet pause
Quiet pause
Quiet pause
So Mom, can I have 3 dollars for a hermit crab?
Help me Jesus.

Monday, March 21, 2011

No more Monkey's Jumpin on the Bed

My Morgan gets hurt, alot. I've come to terms with the fact that she is accident prone. The other evening while I was getting her pajamas ready, she thought it would be fun to jump up and down on the bed while I wasn't looking. You can imagine what happened next....I hear a loud bang followed by a piercing scream. This is what happens when you hit the floor chin first -

This is just one of many bumps and bruises she has had. Last year she thought it would be fun to jump up and down at the pool and managed to hit her chin on the deck stairs. Many stitches later....

We have also managed to have a fall on concrete and needed emergency tooth removal, as well as a fall while drinking a cup only to have stitches needed on her lip.

What is it about this girl. And you know it's not so much the falling, as much as why does she need to do this right before picture days?!?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

American Pioneers

My son and his second grade class have been hard at work on their American Pioneer Project the last couple of weeks. Lastnight was the "Night at the Museum" where all the projects were displayed and parents came to view the creations. Logan made a number of awesome projects: Wigwam Teepee American Flag Liberty Bell Totem Pole But the icing on the cake was having the entire second grade class singing songs and reciting the pledge of allegiance. I've shared a small clip from the evening below:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Homework Challenges

Logan recently had a school conference and we received a good report. Logan's behavior has been great and he got a pat on the back for a job well done. That was on Thursday of last week. Friday, he had no school. Monday, he was naughty Tuesday, he was naughty Wednesday, he was naughty So much for the good report, eh. Yesterday, there were a number of issues he had: Throwing a marble in class and it landed on a little girl's head. Playing his DS in aftercare when he was suppose to be interacting in the gym with the other kids. Breaking his promise to do his homework in aftercare. And last but not least, when they finally got him to do his homework, instead of actually doing it, he wrote Fart Butt for all the answers. ALL OVER THE PAPER. This is Logan being reprimanded for the naughtiness.

I'm somewhat convinced he understands what I am saying. He may actually get it this time.

This is Logan when I am discussing the "Fart Butt" incident.

Apparently he thinks it's funny. Nothing I say from here on out is going to sink in.

All I can do is hope we have enough erasers in the house to clean up the homework page.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Goldendevil...Oops I mean GoldenDoodle

Meet Crosley.

He's 1, and the newest member of our family. Well, OK we have had him over a year, but his naughtiness has kept me from posting about him. You see, he's the kids dog. A wonderful christmas present from their Grandmother. But he's the devil. I said it...THE DEVIL.

Do not be fooled by his adorable face.

He will take you down...and eat you, if you let him.

So ignore the cute face, and again meet Crosely, the Goldendevil.

Love Notes

Are you one of those parents that leave cute notes in your kids lunches...I wish I did it more often, but this year for Valentines Day I thought I would try it out. For my kids and my husband I created the below love notes...cute huh? I got this idea from Eat, drink, Chic. Darling, I know. My family loved them, and I just might make an effort to do this more often. It's so easy to please a loved one with a simple idea like this. What do you do to say I love you?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Weekend

Happy Friday! I hope wherever you are, you are enjoying sunshine. It's once again raining in Cincinnati. I can see my tulips starting to come up out of the ground, so I'm reassured that Spring is near. Any great plans for the weekend? We will be heading to the first Cincinnati Commando's game of the season. This is a first for me, and I can hardly wait to see what Arena Football is all about. I figure, if I can't count on the Cincinnati Bengals, this is the next best thing. Other than that, I plan on cleaning, painting and de-junking. Not the most exciting tasks, but definitely much needed. Hope you have a fabulous, sun filled weekend!
(Photos - Tulips)

First Communion

Logan will soon be making his First Communion, and the other evening on the way home from Religion Class, he asked me a little bit about the ceremony.
Mom, will I be able to go up and have communion just like you do?
Yes you will buddy...are you excited?
Yes, but do you drink the wine?
No. I don't but you can make the decision on if you would like to do that or not.
I don't want to.
Don't do it just because of me, you can choose what you want to do.
I really don't want to do it...do you ever notice how everyone drinks it and all they have to clean off the spit is a little napkin?
Yes, I did notice that and to be honest that is one of the reasons I do not receive the wine.
Ok...Mom I'm definitely not going to do it. It's full of germs.
You see...I'm a bit torn with this. I want him to make his own decisions, but I agree with his decision. Am I the only one that wishes we could come up with a way where we aren't sharing so many germs. Or am I being silly, and need to just suck it up?
(Photos - Rosary)

Lunch Date #2

So we thought we would try it once more...pick up Morgan for a special lunch today. We surprised her at daycare and headed to one of her favorites, Skyline. (If you are from Cincy you understand why this is a favorite, if you aren't...check it out here.)
She seemed excited to see us, but kept asking us when we would be done eating. At Skyline, you never wait more than 5 minutes for your food, but I thought we could at least hang out and spend a few special minutes together.
For the third (or forth, I lost track) time, she asks when we are going to be finished.
Morgan, in a few minutes. Are you in a hurry?
Yes, I was too busy to come to lunch today. We are having a birthday party in class and I want to have cake. So can we go now, I don't want to miss it?
Fine...I officially have a complex now. Should I go for a third time? I may actually be rejected by my 5 year old yet again.
(Photos - WomansDay)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Essentials For Survival

Morgan is always coming home discussing what she learned about during the day. I loved yesterday's lesson because it was not your typical preschool lesson she talks about.
Mom, do you know about gravity?
I do honey, do you?
Yes Mommy. I learned it's something very special about our planet. You know what else I learned...that the sun and moon is important too.
What else did you learn?
I learned that there are 5 things for us to survive on this planet?
What are they?
I don't know. I only know 3...and I already told you. Gravity, Sun and Moon.
Ok...what about water?
Nope, that's not one. And I also know brushing your teeth isn't one either.
Morgan, Mommy's proud of you. I think you taught me something today....but little lady, you are still brushing your teeth tonight.


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