I'm Kim, a working mother of two, and wife to my best friend.

My kids make me laugh, my kids make me cry, and they even make me want to hide.

Come along and enjoy our journey. I guarantee you'll have a blast.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Bird

As I was driving Morgan home last night from summer camp, she very proudly exclaims, "Mommy look at what I learned today."

To my surprise, she is very proudly flipping me the bird.

She then says "See this is my middle finger.  It's called my middle finger because it's in the middle."

"That's wonderful Morgan.  Make sure you show Daddy when he gets home."


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Speaking of Grooming...

All this talk of dog grooming had me remembering some years back when Logan was drawing a family portrait for his Dad and I.

Very proudly he shows us his artwork.  "Look there is Mommy, Daddy, Morgan and Me."

Without hesitation I say, "Little Buddy that's gorgeous but why do Mommy and Daddy look like Bears?" (Imagine two naked stick figures with brown scribbles in the you know where places)

"Because you and Daddy both have fur, right Mommy?"

Riiiight.  And who says grooming is just for dogs?

Photo by Designs by Difulvio

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bad Doggie Tuesday - Grooming

If you own a dog, I'm sure you have visited the groomer a time or two.  When you own a Golden Retriever and a Goldendoodle you are on a first name basis with the groomer.

Last night after I picked up the dogs from the kennel, Crosley was a tad bit smelly.  I don't have time to get him to the groomer this week, so a home bath with shampoo and the hose did the trick. 

So, I thought it would be fun to share some of the grooms Crosley has experienced.  Yes, I know some are very unfortunate, but as I'm learning how to care for his carpet of hair, it's been a bit of a challenge.  How do you bath your dogs?  Do you frequent the groomer?  Do you love it when they put bows and bandannas in their hair?

Personally the first two are my favorite.  The shaggy look is when I think Crosley looks his best.  The problem is, when you let it get too long it becomes matted and the below happens.....

 Can you even believe it's the same dog?!  This groom made me cry.  The groom below is better but looks a little feminine for a male dog.  Arghhh! 

I almost feel for Crosley...the poor boy is probably going through an identity crisis.  I am certain we will figure out a haircut that suits him best very soon.  In the meantime, I'll just shower him with bones as an apology. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Well Balanced Meals

We are currently away from home enjoying a brief visit with family but I wanted to take a moment to discuss kid's eating habits.  Specifically my own children. 

When we are on vacation our meal choices tend to be less than ideal.  For us it started the day before we left on vacation.  We had a number of errands to run before we headed out the next morning.  We were in such a hurry that we we realized we had not fed the kids. 

So to make it up to them we announced "Ice Cream for everyone!!" 

The next morning as we are packing up the car, Morgan states in her disappointed voice "Mom, you didn't feed me any dinner last night.  Will you please feed me dinner today?"

So now I feel like a terrible, horrible, rotten parent.  I assure her, "Baby, Mommy will feed you dinner and we'll make sure to get a good breakfast on our way."

As we are pulling out Chris announces to the kids, "I need to stop and get gas so let's all run in and pick out something to eat.  And I don't want you picking out any candy for breakfast.  Pick out something healthy, like a donut."

I see a parent of the year award in our not so distant future.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blanket Holes

I know you have all heard of donut holes before, and I'm sure you've even eaten one or two (or 10.  I swear I'll never admit to that if you tell anyone :)  But have you ever heard of blanket holes?

My kids love to cuddle with their favorite blankets (imagine the beautiful handmade type you are given when they are infants) while they are watching a movie. 

Logan was first to point out to me that his blanket indeed is showing it's wear. 

"Mom, my blanket has holes in it now."

"Awww buddy.  I'm sorry."

Apparently the conversation is not over as he informs me that these are not your typical blanket holes.

"These are fart holes.  I fart on the blanket and it blows holes through it."  he says.

And who say's we aren't a classy bunch?

Photo by Designs by Difulvio

Children Say It. Even When They Are Babies

Have you ever in your life seen anything so adorable?  No matter what age, Children Say It.  And these two are definitely enjoying each other's company.

Bad Doggie Tuesday - Dapper Doggie

So in an attempt to turn my bad doggie into a stylin doggie I purchased this adorable collar for him.

I know this isn't Crosley in the picture, but at least you get the idea.  I promise to share a picture of him being dapper as soon as it's ready.

This is the actual fabric I selected.  Charming right?  I'm not sure if this will improve his behavior, but it will certainly improve his look.  Go get your dog one today.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Man Face er Man Something

This next post is a golden oldie (Thank You to Erin for reminding me of this...Hi Erin!) but hands down one of my son's most memorable moments to date.

You see we were in the middle of a bathroom remodel and had taken down the old mirror (imagine a huge piece of glass that spans two sinks) and placed it into the walk in closet.  My husband thinks he can find a new use for everything so it remained there for nearly two years after the remodel was complete.  Anyhoo...

The mirror served it's purposes.  I could make sure I looked good enough to head to work each day, Morgan posed & Logan, well Logan, learned about his manhood in this mirror.

After he finished his shower for the evening, he was towel drying himself off in front of the mirror.  Lookin a this way and a that way.  (I was secretly pretending not to be watching)  Apparently he loved what he saw that day because next thing I know he's shakin his tail feathers (and other objects) to the mirror.

Very proudly he proclaims "Oh my gosh, there's a man staring back at me." 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Heat Index Rising

Is it hot where you live?  It's been a sauna here in the Midwest.  It does look like there is an end in sight and we should be enjoying a bit of a cool down this weekend.

My kids are feeling the heat too.  But that doesn't stop summer camp from taking the kids on their planned field trip to the local airport for plane viewing, tours and a picnic.

When I picked Morgan up from her day I couldn't wait to hear how it went.

"Morgan, how was your field trip?  Were you hot at the airport?"

She replies, "Mom, I was smokin hot."

"Yes I know baby.  You get that from your mother."

Photo: Designs by Difulvio

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shake That

Do you like to shake your money maker?  I do, and I really like to shake it after a few cocktails. 

My kids like to shake it while I'm cooking dinner.  While I was busy chopping fruit and getting the pasta ready I look up to see two kids standing up in their chairs shakin it like their life depends on it.

Morgan says "Mommy, which way should I shake my boom boom?"  Like this (imagine shakin it to the left) or like this (shakin it to the right)."

Logan says, "No Morgan, you shake it in a circle.  Right Mommy?"

That was all the invitation I needed. A dance lesson was in order. 

Don't you just love it when you can shake your boom boom like noone is watching.  And all while eating watermelon.

PS  I didn't take this photo lastnight...But I'm embarrassed to admit we sure have a lot of pictures of the kids standing on those chairs, posin and a dancin.

Bad Doggie Tuesday - Not So Bad After All

Just a little something to remind me that even Crosley isn't bad all the time.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Must Have Children's Art

Doesn't life sometimes feel just like this?
I'm loving this picture.  I can imagine it displayed in my home and all the conversations surrounding it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Expect Little, Receive Much

Don't you find this to be true.  When you aren't expecting to find a husband or wife, there they are.  When you don't expect your garden to bloom, you have the best year ever. 

This happens with Morgan.  I don't know how she does it but she never expects anything and somehow manages to come out shining.  I need to take a lesson.  Yes my dear readers, from a 5 year old.

Logan wants his beloved Pokemon card.  Morgan gets it by accident

Logan wants to go fishing and catch a fish.  Morgan could care less. 
5 minutes after placing her line in the water, she catches a fish.  Logan 3 hours after putting his line in the water, never catches a fish.

Logan wishes the ice cream truck would come to his house.  Just once.  He leaves to play with a friend. 
The ice cream truck comes out of nowhere to Morgan's delight.

This list could go on and on.  Don't get me wrong, Logan does not go without.  Let me make that perfectly clear, but Morgan has certainly taught me to let nature take it's course. 

All good things will come when you least expect it.

McDonald's Toy Trading

Do your kids love McDonald's Happy Meal toys?  Mine do.  They can't get enough of them and I can't figure a quick enough way to sneak them to the trash when the kids aren't looking.

Logan actually is beginning to have a strong aversion to McDonald's food.  I'm right here with you buddy.  But those toys keep him coming back. 

This week the toy of choice is a Pokemon card.  Go figure.  Thank you McDonald's.  Thank you for torturing me with my son's favorite thing to do.  Pokemon card trading.

Last night we were heading to the pool and thought a quick trip through the drive-thru would be the perfect thing for our pool side eating.  Logan is beside himself with anticipation. 

"I hope I'm getting xyz card (pardon me for not knowing the names of these Pokemon creatures).  I can't wait to see what they are giving out today." he says.

Morgan as usual sits quietly in the back.  She's just thrilled to be given a meal.  The toy is just icing. 

In McDonald's usual fashion they mess up the order.  Is it so difficult to give me 1 boy toy and 1 girl toy?  Apparently so, because yet again we drove off and had two boy toys. 

Logan is hysterical because he got the same card they gave out last week.  Morgan is in tears because she didn't get her barbie.  It's utter chaos in the car.  Until....

Logan realizes that Morgan got the coveted card.  The one he wants sooooo badly.  He has decided to rejoice.

"Morgan, can I have your card and I'll give you mine?"

"Nope.  I like this one.  I'm going to keep it." she says.

"Please Morgan?  You don't even like Pokemon cards." he begs.

"I do now." she states matter of fact.

"Morgan, I'll trade you 10 cards for that one card."

"No, thank you.  I don't want to trade."

In the absolute worst begging voice he says, "Morgan, I'll give you 1 dollar for that card.  I know how much you like to save your money."

"No.  I don't want a dollar.  I want 200 million dollars."

In tears he manages "Morgan, I don't have 200 million dollars.  You are so mean."

This went like this off and on all night.  I woke up to this and I will probably go to sleep to this. 
If only McDonald's could have got my order right.  1 boy toy and 1 girl toy.  That's all I ask.  Is that too much?


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Toenail Mishaps

My girl's toenail is about to fall off.  Woe is me.  No really, woe is her, but trust me woe is me.  Whatever, don't try to translate that, just know that life is rough at the Kaas house. 

Everything you say or do somehow reminds Morgan of her hangin by a thread toenail.  We wouldn't dream of touching it, putting a band aid on it, or perhaps clipping it off.  No people, that would be too easy.  Instead we scream and we cry and we pout about the misery of our toenail.

I had every intention of sneaking in her room when she was sleeping and clipping it off, but I fell asleep while I was waiting (the child takes FOREVER to fall asleep...which remind me of this book.  It's a must read.)

So this morning we awoke to more tears.  "Mommy, puuhhleaassee don't touch my toenail.  What shoes am I going to wear today." 

I suppose until I can sneak in her room tonight, it's a flip flop day.

Bad Doggie Tuesday - Kennel

We are about to kennel our bad doggie in a few weeks so we can make a trip back home to Iowa.  This will be the second time ever that Crosley has had to stay in a kennel. 

I did what good doggie parents do and worried endlessly about him while we were away.  Is he being nice to the humans that are feeding him? Is he making new doggie friends? 

When we finally picked him up, the owner of the place brought us our boy and stated very matter of fact, "This is a wild one.  We had to keep him separated from all the other dogs."

You don't think that translates into "Please don't ever bring him back here again, do you?"


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