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Friday, April 15, 2011

Shoe Diva 3

I can't believe I'm going to say it, but now it's my son being the shoe diva. I'll admit the child needs some new shoes and I'll also admit that I am waiting until the last possible minute to purchase some.
Before school, he wanted to go play outside and obviously needed some shoes. This was also the morning that his dad had his shoes in the car and drove that car to work.
Somehow that's his dad's fault because he didn't bring his shoes to his locker where they belong...
He proceeds to freak out...Mom, what am I suppose to wear for shoes to school? I have NOTHING to wear. You HAVE to buy me new shoes.
Logan, you have a new pair of converse that you HAD to have. They have never been worn, wear those.
What in the world are Converse?
The grey shoes in your locker, that you HAD to have.
What do they look like Mom?
Logan for cryin out loud, go in your locker and look for yourself.
After a few minutes, he comes back in.
These Mom? I think these are too stylish for me.
I know I repeat this often...but help me Jesus.
Get the shoes here

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