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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gimme My Chocolate NOW

My little girl likes chocolate. Not just likes, LOVES. I bet if I were to sneak inside of her dreams, it would be filled with chocolate candies.
My girlfriend brought her home a special chocolate easter egg from Brazil. But she has to wait for Easter. Morgan does not want to wait for Easter. She wants her chocolate NOW!
She sees that chocolate egg just sitting in her house, and she stares at it and tries to figure out ways to get it out of there. Poly always catches her...
Morgan, put the chocolate down. You have to wait until Easter.
Poly, I just want to hold it. I want to keep it at my house.
Morgan, put the chocolate down. You cannot have it until Easter.
This doesn't sit well with Morgan, so the other night she saw her chance. Poly was gone, the garage was open...she devised her plan.
Mom, Poly's gone. I'm going to go in the house and get my chocolate. I promise I won't eat it, I just want to keep it at my house. Poly will never know I took it.
I was half tempted to let her do it to pull a fast one over on my friend, but then what would I be teaching her? What kind of mother would I be?!
What would you do for chocolate?

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