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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Pickle Debacle

Who likes pickles? I happen to be one of those people that love them...so as most terrific parents do, I insisted my kids should try them, so they too would see how delicious they are. The only one who fell for my bribe was Logan. Hey people...2 bucks to eat a pickle is a tempting offer to a seven year old ( I know quite a few adults who would eat a pickle for 2 bucks). Logan has taken the bet and boy is he excited....think of the possibilities. 2 whole dollars!!! He takes a look at the pickle, plans his strategy. Should I just dig right in or approach this differently? Definitely going to go for it...One big bite. This is going to be the easiest 2 bucks I ever earned. My parents are such tools it's ridiculous.

You know what....hold on. Better yet, I'm going to cut the pickle in the tiniest little pieces I possibly can. Yes...that will be better, let's let this linger on for an eternity.

I'm doin it, I'm doin it...my very first bite of a pickle. Wait for it...wait for it.... Oh my gosh, that is quite possibly the most horrific thing I have ever tasted. Be cool, be cool...Mom and Dad are feeling pretty full of themselves right now. Whatever, they're lame. Just take a drink. A big drink. Those two dollars are mine. MINE I TELL YOU!

One bite down, 20 more to go. Why did I cut these up so small. Definitely not my brightest moment....

My gosh, it really does not get any better does it. Even after the second bite, it is still the most terrible thing I have ever tasted.

I can do this...GET IT TOGETHER MAN!

I did it...Dad is an absolute sucker. Two bites equal two bucks. Please - he is SOOOOO easy!

Now, when are we going to blow this popsicle stand so I can have this cash stop burnin a hole in my pocket?

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