I'm Kim, a working mother of two, and wife to my best friend.

My kids make me laugh, my kids make me cry, and they even make me want to hide.

Come along and enjoy our journey. I guarantee you'll have a blast.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Lunch Date

Chris and I thought it would be fun to take our little girl out to lunch. Just the three of us.
Morgan agreed, and was thrilled to have our undivided attention.
I thought the lunch was going well...you know all the typical parent/child bonding stuff.
We finished our meal and were just simply enjoying our time together.
That's when she says it...
When are we leaving guys? Are we going to pay our bill or are we going to just sit here and stare at each other all day?
So much for quality time spent with our child. I can hardly wait until she's 16.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Logan is preparing to make his First Communion this year. As part of that preparation, he needed to complete his Reconciliation.
This was a very nervous time for Logan. He constantly worried about his prayers, what he would say to the priest, and what he would have to do to repent for his sins.
We worked on this for weeks. He asked me questions over and over to make himself feel better.
Finally the day arrived, and as I'm driving him to religion class he recites his prayer to me and very confidently says...
Mom, I know what my sin is. I'm ready.
I can hardly wait to pick him up and hear about his night. I'm noticing he has a proud, almost smug look on his face, so I ask about the evening.
Logan, how was religion. Did everything go OK during reconciliation?
Did you talk with the priest.
What did you say? What was your sin?
I told him I back talk to my parents and am mean to you sometimes.
Really?!? I'm so proud of you for recognizing how wrong that is. So now you know, not to do that anymore and that it's very serious.
Mom, please. It's no big deal. The priest told me to say a prayer today then I'm forgiven. So I said my prayer, and I've already been forgiven for being mean to you.
But, you still understand that it's not nice to do that, right?
Uh (cackles as he's saying this, an evil little cackle if you ask me) right Mom.
What does that mean Logan?
Well if it were that serious why did I only have to say one short little prayer? I figure if I back talk again, I'll just say a prayer and I'm forgiven.
At the rate your going Logan, your going to be saying a lot of prayers.
That's OK, I'm suppose to memorize them anyway. Because when I memorize them, I get a piece of candy in class.
Well then, I'm so glad to see that you have learned your lesson.
Yeah Mom, uh huh.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Conversations with Children

Do you ever feel like this picture? My poor baby had a rough day when this picture was taken and due to hospital and stitches trauma she was pooped. I on the other hand often feel like this after lengthy conversations with my children. They go a little something like this: Morgan, Grandma is coming over to babysit you tonight? Is she coming today? Yes, tonight. Today or tonight Mommy? Tonight. Is tonight tomorrow Mommy? No Morgan. It's today tonight. When is she coming Mommy!! TONIGHT!! So today is tonight, right Mommy? Yes Morgan. Oh.

Credit Cards for Kids?

Photo by Designs by Difulvio
What age is too young to have a credit card? I'm of the belief that a college student sounds appropriate.
So you can imagine my shock to find one of my credit cards with my name crossed out and my son's written in it's place.
Imagine something like this:
I never thought I needed to protect my assets from a 7 year old. Logan got a lecture, I got a giggle and the credit card company got a call.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Facial Hair

While Morgan was getting ready for a party, she very seriously says:
Mommy, when will I get hair on my body?
Morgan, not for awhile babe. And besides why do you want hair on your body so badly?
Because I want to have hair on my chin just like you Mommy.
Well then...and I thought noone could see that?

Baby Bunions

Logan and Morgan were in their usual mode of annoying each other yesterday. As an only child, I don't understand this constant need to aggravate each other.
The aggravating quickly turned into wrestling. Next thing I know Morgan is shouting at her brother...
Logan! Logan! Stop it (imagine a 5 year old girl whine), you are stepping on my bunions.
The entire family stops (even Logan). No need to break up this fight, but now I need to explain to my seven year old what a bunion is.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Backward Alphabet

I don't know about you, but I can't sing the alphabet backwards and I haven't even had a cocktail.

My little princess and her friends have it down pat. Take a listen and a lesson...Maybe you too can sign the alphabet backward.

Bath Time Nightmares

Do all children feel the need to fight bath time? Do they not realize in about 20 years they will be begging for uninterrupted time in the hot bath? It's become so bad, I need to make bribes to get Morgan in the bath. On this one occasion I just needed to state the facts. Nothing but the facts, Ma'am.
Morgan, you need a bath. You STINKY! I know Mommy. I smell like a nut crack. So glad we're in agreement. Why can't all evenings be nut crack evenings?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jumpin' Jack Shower

Photo by Designs by Difulvio
During a typical chaotic Saturday morning we are rushing to get the kids here or there. In the rush, my husband says to Morgan "While you get dressed, I'm going to jump in the shower". You're going to jump in the shower Daddy? Yes. The whole time Daddy? Your going to jump up and down in the shower the whole time?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sleep Overs Are Not for the Weak Hearted

Logan had a sleep over lastnight. Only his second one to be exact. The first one was across the street, this one was a whole two streets away. Big deal for a parent of an almost 8 year old.
I kept the phone by me all night waiting for the phone to ring...the person on the other end saying "Come pick up Logan. He can't sleep. He misses you too much". I finally fell asleep and woke at 7:45 am and hurried to check my phone. No call. Wow, he made it the entire night!
8:15...No Call
8:30...No Call
8:45...No Call
9:00...No Call
9:15...the phone rings. I pratically tripped over myself just to get to the phone. The Mom says, he's having a great time. I can bring him home at 10:30....unless you want to get him now. Of course I say, I'm on my way. Be there in 5.
On our way home, I say hey buddy - Did you miss me?
Ahhhh, well Mom....Um...Not really I was having too much fun to miss you.
Fine....No more sleep overs until your 30

Friday, January 14, 2011

Is it Acceptable?

For the last three years, Logan has struggled with figuring out when it's OK to have fun at school and when it's time to learn.
As most teachers do, he was setup with a way to monitor his behavior. This particular teacher would document for us one of the four options:
Great Day
Acceptable Day
Barely Acceptable Day
Unacceptable Day
My boy had a total of 2 Greats the entire year. So I decided to approach him one evening to get to the bottom of this.
Logan, why don't you get more "Great Day's"?
I have trouble with my voice. I'm too loud and giggle at the other kids.
Logan I would really like to see you get a Great!
MooooooM, I told you. I have a problem with my voice. The kids are funny. So I'll get an Acceptable every day and that's Acceptable to me.
Well then... at least you have a GREAT sense of humor!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nature Walk

Our family enjoyed a nature walk last fall. It was one of those lazy Sunday activities that you cherish. The kids had their binoculars, a list of items to be on the look out for and a packed lunch. As we are walking through the woods enjoying the scenery, the kids grew more and more quiet. Especially Morgan. I quietly pat myself on the back. Look at what I'm teaching my kids today. You are such a good mom.

I assume the serious look on Morgan's face is due to her enjoying the scenery and soaking up the sunshine.

I anxiously catch up to her and can hardly wait to see what she has found, and then she says it.

Mommy, I have to poop.

At least we had 20 good minutes. We'll try again in the Spring.

Last Name Controversy

Photo by Designs by Difulvio
On the same drive home, my son Logan approaches us with the dreaded question about our lastname.

"Dad, why is our lastname a bad word?"
"Why would you give me that lastname?"

 "What do you mean buddy?"

"Well, you know our lastname is Kaas. So take away the K and that is a really bad cuss word."

 There isn't much we can say other than.... It's a good thing I didn't name you Jack.


Lastnight as we are driving home my daughter Morgan is thinking about how much she loves to wind down and watch Pink Panther cartoons in Mommy and Daddy's Bed before she heads off to her own. Mommy I think it should be a pribilige to watch cartoons in your bed every night. You know Mommy, something I earn. You mean a privilige sugar booger? No, Mommy a Pri-BI-lige. Well OK then, did you earn this pribilige today? I did, I didn't take a nap today. Isn't that good Momma? Yeah babe, cartoons in Mommy's bed sounds like a great idea.


Photo by Designs by Difulvio
Welcome to my blog. This blog is a tribute to my children and the unforgettable things they say. I hope I might inspire you to listen carefully to what your children are saying, as those moments are gone in a flash.


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