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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Teaching Children About Money

Logan is obsessed! With money that is.
I was at my wits end...Mom, I need you to buy me this, Mom, can we go to the store to get this, Mom, how much does this cost, Mom, can I do extra chores so I can buy this? IT NEVER ENDS!
So in an effort to educate my boy on money, I had a long conversation with him and also showed him that there are more important things he should be focusing on...like climbing trees, playing with his friends etc
This conversation took a good 15 minutes...his Dad and I had his undivided attention.
All was quiet, the child was actually listening to me! It's going to sink in, I could feel it.
At the conclusion of the lecture, I said "Logan do you understand what we are telling you?"
Quiet pause
Quiet pause
Quiet pause
So Mom, can I have 3 dollars for a hermit crab?
Help me Jesus.

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