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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Essentials For Survival

Morgan is always coming home discussing what she learned about during the day. I loved yesterday's lesson because it was not your typical preschool lesson she talks about.
Mom, do you know about gravity?
I do honey, do you?
Yes Mommy. I learned it's something very special about our planet. You know what else I learned...that the sun and moon is important too.
What else did you learn?
I learned that there are 5 things for us to survive on this planet?
What are they?
I don't know. I only know 3...and I already told you. Gravity, Sun and Moon.
Ok...what about water?
Nope, that's not one. And I also know brushing your teeth isn't one either.
Morgan, Mommy's proud of you. I think you taught me something today....but little lady, you are still brushing your teeth tonight.

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