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Thursday, March 31, 2011

All The Colors Of the Forest

Do you ever take car rides with your family? How about scavanger hunts while you enjoy your ride?
We tried both on our vacation with a drive through the Smokey Mountains. While driving, the kids found themselves quickly bored and me quickly annoyed. Even though we made frequent stops through the tour, my son complained as much as he could.
Mooooom, when are we going to get there. This is sooooooo BORING!
Mom, I'm bored. How long is this going to take.
Mom, can we get out yet, I'm dying, I'm sooooo BORED!
Logan, why don't you look out the window and count the colors you see.
Fine. 1,2 I'm done. Moooooooom! I'm still bored!!
I can't really argue with the child. This time of year, there really are only two colors in the Park, but apparently I'm not allowed to shove a sock in his mouth.
I did however get some good shots of the two colors of the Park.

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