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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Homework Challenges

Logan recently had a school conference and we received a good report. Logan's behavior has been great and he got a pat on the back for a job well done. That was on Thursday of last week. Friday, he had no school. Monday, he was naughty Tuesday, he was naughty Wednesday, he was naughty So much for the good report, eh. Yesterday, there were a number of issues he had: Throwing a marble in class and it landed on a little girl's head. Playing his DS in aftercare when he was suppose to be interacting in the gym with the other kids. Breaking his promise to do his homework in aftercare. And last but not least, when they finally got him to do his homework, instead of actually doing it, he wrote Fart Butt for all the answers. ALL OVER THE PAPER. This is Logan being reprimanded for the naughtiness.

I'm somewhat convinced he understands what I am saying. He may actually get it this time.

This is Logan when I am discussing the "Fart Butt" incident.

Apparently he thinks it's funny. Nothing I say from here on out is going to sink in.

All I can do is hope we have enough erasers in the house to clean up the homework page.

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