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Friday, March 25, 2011

Spit Just Doesn't Cut It

Lastnight was a busy night - soccer school and tumbling. We have a system when we need to get the kids to these activities because they are 30 minutes from our house.
Stop one, head home pick up the soccer gear, the tumbling outfit
Stop two, pick up Logan from school - (of course he was running late because of after school art class)
Stop three - pick up Morgan
Stop four - head to nearest drive through for dinner & pray we are on the road by 5:40
Of course Logan did not like this order. The order we have been following for a year.
You see - he was STARVING!
MOOOOM - I'm starving. I don't want to get Morgan before dinner. Puhhhhleassse take me to McDonald's now - I can't wait to eat. I'm STARVING - and I'll I've got to eat is this spit in my mouth.
Well heaven forbid all you have is spit - Stop three, head to nearest drive through and continue to pray we are on the road in time.
And for all you curious readers...of course we were late. The drive through lady did not know how to take orders and forgot our fries. Thank you McDonald's, Thank you
Like the picture...you'll love the book more.

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