I'm Kim, a working mother of two, and wife to my best friend.

My kids make me laugh, my kids make me cry, and they even make me want to hide.

Come along and enjoy our journey. I guarantee you'll have a blast.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Weekend

Happy Friday! I hope wherever you are, you are enjoying sunshine. It's once again raining in Cincinnati. I can see my tulips starting to come up out of the ground, so I'm reassured that Spring is near. Any great plans for the weekend? We will be heading to the first Cincinnati Commando's game of the season. This is a first for me, and I can hardly wait to see what Arena Football is all about. I figure, if I can't count on the Cincinnati Bengals, this is the next best thing. Other than that, I plan on cleaning, painting and de-junking. Not the most exciting tasks, but definitely much needed. Hope you have a fabulous, sun filled weekend!
(Photos - Tulips)

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