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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Assigned Dinner Table Seats

Do you have assigned seats in your family when it comes to eating? In my family, we never actually stated that we did, but everyone always sits in the same seat.
Morgan with the perfect view of the TV, Logan with the seat that allows for the fastest getaway, and Mom and Dad next to each other pretending they are alone.
The other night, Morgan wanted to stake her claim on her chair (remember, she must never lose her view of the TV), so she made little place cards with our names on them.
She very proudly states to the family "These are your assigned seats. Please keep your name tag here so you know where to sit"
Mom says "Ok babe".
Dad says "Thanks Morgan".
Logan says "That's dumb. I don't need a note to tell me where to sit. I always sit in the same chair anyway".
Morgan says "You don't have to look at your tag, so why don't you just shut up and sit down in your assigned seat".
Well allrighty then, please do NOT mess with the seat master.

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