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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

iPhone Apps for Kids

I love my iPhone and all the fun games and gadgets that go with it, however it has suddenly become apparent to me that I must look over these games and details with a fine tooth comb.
Let me explain...You see my son received my husbands old phone once he upgraded to the 4G (which now only functions as an iPod touch). We allowed Logan to have this iPod and download games that were Free only. We made a pact that we would look over anything he has downloaded to be sure it was age appropriate, and in fact I often look for games I think he would like and download them for him.
Logan is a huge fan of soccer so he obviously wanted every free soccer game he could find. Soccer is pretty harmless right? One would think...that was until Logan starts to play this game and I hear shooting.
Logan, what game are you playing. You aren't allowed to have shoot em up games!?
It's soccer Mom.
Soccer that shoots?
Let me see that...On further inspection I am mortified at what I see. Naked soccer players playing a game of soccer while shooting weapons.
To say the least, I was stunned. I immediately delete the game off of his iPod and before I can say another word he turns to me and says...
That game was really inappropriate for me Mom.
Ya think buddy?!! And how is it that I now feel like the child and he the parent.

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