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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Booster Seat Rules

Logan has officially reached the age where he no longer needs a booster seat when riding in the car. Rest assured, I've checked with the doctor and every online resource I possibly could before deciding it was OK. It seems everyone but me is ready for Logan to move to the next stage.
Chris has been telling Logan for weeks now that he will be getting rid of his booster when he turns eight. To be honest, he and Logan have been making a ridiculously big deal over this. I personally think it's silly, yet I'm perfectly comfortable with letting him get rid of it ;))
Today was the day to banish the seat forever. Logan practically threw it out of the car this morning and dumped it in the garbage. HEY HEY kid, no need to be hasty. Let's just leave it in the garage just in case...we may need it again.
We proceed to school, Logan in his seatbelt like an adult, looking out the window and enjoying his new ride.
We get to school and Chris says, Logan how was it? Your first ride in the car without a booster.
Yeah Dad, about that....I thought it would be more fun. It wasn't nearly as exciting as you said it was going to be. It was just like sitting in a seat.
Sheesh...I could have told you that. Now...how am I going to get that booster in the car without him noticing?
PS...Graco, thank you for keeping my boy safe for the first 8 years of his life.

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