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Friday, February 4, 2011

Wedding Cost - Daddy vs Daughter

Lastnight during one of our silly dinner conversations, the cost of weddings comes up.
You see Chris and I got married on a beach. Even though it was beautiful and perfect for us, it may not be every woman's cup of tea. Chris imagines that this is what he will do for his daughter. And being that she is 5 now, he thought it best to start discussions with her ;))
Morgan, do you want Daddy to pay for a big wedding for you or a small wedding....like on a beach or something.
Big wedding Daddy.
On a beach....do you want it on a beach.
Yes, on a beach Daddy. Just like you.
I can see relief swipe over his face.....
So 3000.00 should be plenty for that right Morgan.
Daddy - more like 3000 million.
Thatta Girl!!!
Kids, help me get your dad up off the floor.

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