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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bad Doggie Tuesday - Grooming

If you own a dog, I'm sure you have visited the groomer a time or two.  When you own a Golden Retriever and a Goldendoodle you are on a first name basis with the groomer.

Last night after I picked up the dogs from the kennel, Crosley was a tad bit smelly.  I don't have time to get him to the groomer this week, so a home bath with shampoo and the hose did the trick. 

So, I thought it would be fun to share some of the grooms Crosley has experienced.  Yes, I know some are very unfortunate, but as I'm learning how to care for his carpet of hair, it's been a bit of a challenge.  How do you bath your dogs?  Do you frequent the groomer?  Do you love it when they put bows and bandannas in their hair?

Personally the first two are my favorite.  The shaggy look is when I think Crosley looks his best.  The problem is, when you let it get too long it becomes matted and the below happens.....

 Can you even believe it's the same dog?!  This groom made me cry.  The groom below is better but looks a little feminine for a male dog.  Arghhh! 

I almost feel for Crosley...the poor boy is probably going through an identity crisis.  I am certain we will figure out a haircut that suits him best very soon.  In the meantime, I'll just shower him with bones as an apology. 


Anonymous said...

I recommend a 2 on the sides and a 5 on the top :)

P.s. Love the article!

Kim K said...

Love it! I think that's what my husband does...I may actually try it :)


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