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Friday, July 22, 2011

Well Balanced Meals

We are currently away from home enjoying a brief visit with family but I wanted to take a moment to discuss kid's eating habits.  Specifically my own children. 

When we are on vacation our meal choices tend to be less than ideal.  For us it started the day before we left on vacation.  We had a number of errands to run before we headed out the next morning.  We were in such a hurry that we we realized we had not fed the kids. 

So to make it up to them we announced "Ice Cream for everyone!!" 

The next morning as we are packing up the car, Morgan states in her disappointed voice "Mom, you didn't feed me any dinner last night.  Will you please feed me dinner today?"

So now I feel like a terrible, horrible, rotten parent.  I assure her, "Baby, Mommy will feed you dinner and we'll make sure to get a good breakfast on our way."

As we are pulling out Chris announces to the kids, "I need to stop and get gas so let's all run in and pick out something to eat.  And I don't want you picking out any candy for breakfast.  Pick out something healthy, like a donut."

I see a parent of the year award in our not so distant future.

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