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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Man Face er Man Something

This next post is a golden oldie (Thank You to Erin for reminding me of this...Hi Erin!) but hands down one of my son's most memorable moments to date.

You see we were in the middle of a bathroom remodel and had taken down the old mirror (imagine a huge piece of glass that spans two sinks) and placed it into the walk in closet.  My husband thinks he can find a new use for everything so it remained there for nearly two years after the remodel was complete.  Anyhoo...

The mirror served it's purposes.  I could make sure I looked good enough to head to work each day, Morgan posed & Logan, well Logan, learned about his manhood in this mirror.

After he finished his shower for the evening, he was towel drying himself off in front of the mirror.  Lookin a this way and a that way.  (I was secretly pretending not to be watching)  Apparently he loved what he saw that day because next thing I know he's shakin his tail feathers (and other objects) to the mirror.

Very proudly he proclaims "Oh my gosh, there's a man staring back at me." 

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