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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Logan is preparing to make his First Communion this year. As part of that preparation, he needed to complete his Reconciliation.
This was a very nervous time for Logan. He constantly worried about his prayers, what he would say to the priest, and what he would have to do to repent for his sins.
We worked on this for weeks. He asked me questions over and over to make himself feel better.
Finally the day arrived, and as I'm driving him to religion class he recites his prayer to me and very confidently says...
Mom, I know what my sin is. I'm ready.
I can hardly wait to pick him up and hear about his night. I'm noticing he has a proud, almost smug look on his face, so I ask about the evening.
Logan, how was religion. Did everything go OK during reconciliation?
Did you talk with the priest.
What did you say? What was your sin?
I told him I back talk to my parents and am mean to you sometimes.
Really?!? I'm so proud of you for recognizing how wrong that is. So now you know, not to do that anymore and that it's very serious.
Mom, please. It's no big deal. The priest told me to say a prayer today then I'm forgiven. So I said my prayer, and I've already been forgiven for being mean to you.
But, you still understand that it's not nice to do that, right?
Uh (cackles as he's saying this, an evil little cackle if you ask me) right Mom.
What does that mean Logan?
Well if it were that serious why did I only have to say one short little prayer? I figure if I back talk again, I'll just say a prayer and I'm forgiven.
At the rate your going Logan, your going to be saying a lot of prayers.
That's OK, I'm suppose to memorize them anyway. Because when I memorize them, I get a piece of candy in class.
Well then, I'm so glad to see that you have learned your lesson.
Yeah Mom, uh huh.

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