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Friday, January 14, 2011

Is it Acceptable?

For the last three years, Logan has struggled with figuring out when it's OK to have fun at school and when it's time to learn.
As most teachers do, he was setup with a way to monitor his behavior. This particular teacher would document for us one of the four options:
Great Day
Acceptable Day
Barely Acceptable Day
Unacceptable Day
My boy had a total of 2 Greats the entire year. So I decided to approach him one evening to get to the bottom of this.
Logan, why don't you get more "Great Day's"?
I have trouble with my voice. I'm too loud and giggle at the other kids.
Logan I would really like to see you get a Great!
MooooooM, I told you. I have a problem with my voice. The kids are funny. So I'll get an Acceptable every day and that's Acceptable to me.
Well then... at least you have a GREAT sense of humor!

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