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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sleep Overs Are Not for the Weak Hearted

Logan had a sleep over lastnight. Only his second one to be exact. The first one was across the street, this one was a whole two streets away. Big deal for a parent of an almost 8 year old.
I kept the phone by me all night waiting for the phone to ring...the person on the other end saying "Come pick up Logan. He can't sleep. He misses you too much". I finally fell asleep and woke at 7:45 am and hurried to check my phone. No call. Wow, he made it the entire night!
8:15...No Call
8:30...No Call
8:45...No Call
9:00...No Call
9:15...the phone rings. I pratically tripped over myself just to get to the phone. The Mom says, he's having a great time. I can bring him home at 10:30....unless you want to get him now. Of course I say, I'm on my way. Be there in 5.
On our way home, I say hey buddy - Did you miss me?
Ahhhh, well Mom....Um...Not really I was having too much fun to miss you.
Fine....No more sleep overs until your 30

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