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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A New Era

The era of baby toys and power wheels has come to an end at my house.  Sad but also extremely exciting. 

We sold the mustang power wheel last night to a nice couple.  My kids haven't rode in the car in 2 years and it was time to part ways.  Logan couldn't squish himself in the seat if he tried...we'll I suppose if he had his knees in his throat it might work. 

Even though we are moving on to big kid toys, I find myself feeling a little sentimental about those old toys.  You remember when you sold the baby crib?  You're excited to move on to the big kid bed, but yet disappointed that your baby is growing up so fast.

To make myself feel better, I was searching the Internet for a cool replacement toy.  And I found this, the CycoCycle!  I even tested it out at the local toy store....and let me tell you this has F-U-N all over it. 

What are your favorite ride-on toys for the 6-10 year range?

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