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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Dog Ate It

So is it only me or do your kids have 1 million stuffed animals in their closets?  I have been secretly praying when the day would come that my kids would be tired of playing with little stuffed elephants and pink bunnies.  Well dammit that day just wasn't coming so I did what all you mothers wish you could do but are too sweet to actually do it.  I bagged them all up when they weren't looking and donated them. 

I know, I know, shoot me.  I'm a terrible, rotten, horrible person.

However, a certain someone, a terrible someone (my husband) saw the hidden donated bags and immediately starts pulling stuffed bunnies back out.

WHOA!  Stop right there buddy. 

"I just want to give some of these to Crosley."  "The poor guy needs some new toys."

Seriously, we steal from our kids to give to the dog?  REALLY?  OK that's a totally separate issue, we'll discuss that at some other time.

Chris proceeds to give the dog Morgan's Hello Kitty last night.  He thinks he's played it smart.  No, she'll never notice her gynormous Helly Kitty doll laying in Crosley's bed.  Nooooo, never.

Fast forward to this morning...Crosley is licking, hugging & pulling on his new toy.  He's in heaven.  Morgan is standing staring down in shock at what she sees.  The tears are flooding, the screams are multiplying.

"Daddy, I want my KITTY BACK!  Take it away from Crosley." says Morgan.

"Boo, he's just loving on it.  He just wants to give it a hug."

Logan thinks it's appropriate to share his wisdom with us and says, "Yeah right Dad...He's only going to hug it after he's eaten kitty's eyes out and ripped it's head off.  Morgan, say goodbye to kitty."

Thanks Logan...Thanks Chris.  I suppose I need to find the nearest Hello Kitty store.

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