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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royal Wedding Attire

I never planned on writing about the Royal Wedding on my blog. For a couple of reasons, but the main one being I couldn't imagine how it would play out in my children's everyday conversations. Obviously I was wrong.
While getting ready for school on Friday my kids saw the wedding on TV, and Morgan as a young princess herself was fascinated. You see, she will be in a wedding later this year (as will her brother) and couldn't get over the fact that of course that was exactly how the wedding she will be participating in will be. Yes, Morgan just like that. Exactly like that.
She was yammerin and yammerin about all the Royal Hubub all morning.

Logan was quiet. I figured he could really care less, until he finally says...

"Mom, if I have to wear that dumb soldier costume.... I'm not going.  I am NOT wearing that."
And who says boys could care less about wedding plans?

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