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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Loving Thoughts Between Siblings

Do your children say nice things about each other when talking to others? I'm hoping someday my kids get to that stage...Maybe as adults.
The other evening I was getting things setup for Logan's upcoming First Communion luncheon. He of course decided to help...While I wasn't looking. And that translates into not really helping but causing me more work.
I come in to see his contribution. He thought he would set out the cups. All 300 of them...stacked from floor to ceiling. Yeah buddy, cause that's exactly how I was going to arrange them. Thank you. Thank you for all your help.
(And y'all don't worry about why I need 300 cups? That's the only darn quanitity Sam's Club offers.)

I cursed under my breath and said..."What in the world was that child thinking."
Out of nowhere, Morgan says "I have no idea Mom, Logan is an idiot."
Well then...I'll keep holding onto the idea that the loving thoughts between siblings will come. Maybe when they are 40, but it will come.

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