I'm Kim, a working mother of two, and wife to my best friend.

My kids make me laugh, my kids make me cry, and they even make me want to hide.

Come along and enjoy our journey. I guarantee you'll have a blast.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monkey Butt

Logan recently got some new underwear...Paul Frank. Apparently these underwear make Logan feel like dancing. Dancing and prancing around the house with a Monkey on his butt.

And apparently Morgan felt like spanking that dancing butt. WHACK!

Then Logan comes out with it..."Morgan stop spanking my Monkey."
Oh my...oh oh oh MY!!

I cannot possibly overuse this phrase...HELP ME JESUS. Please Help me. If Jesus can't help me, do you think Rhonda can? Help me Rhonda, help help me Rhonda.

If you want a Monkey on your butt...go here

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