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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dance Recital Memories

Pardon this post because while I do want to jog your memory, I also want to brag about my little angel and her recent dance recital.

She's an old pro...three years a runnin' :)

This past weekend was her dance recital. The girls did their dance routines to a packed theater and I'm sure brought a few tears to viewers eyes. Or was that just me that gets misty at the drop of a hat?

I never performed in a recital but I absolutely LOVE watching the girls (who range in age from 3-18) perform in front of a packed crowd. It sort of makes me wish I had experienced it myself. Did you perform in dance recitals...do you remember them, what you wore, what you danced to?

PS - I wish I had pictures from the actual performance - Hair all done, costume perfect before the bright lights but unfortunately no cameras were allowed during the performance :) I was lucky enough to have a friend take these for me during the rehearsal...but since I'm such a sneaky little devil I was able to snap the below pic right before the performance.

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