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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Respect the Shrimp

Have you ever been fishing?  Have you ever taken your kids fishing?  I'm guessing the majority of you would answer yes to either of those questions.  I personally have done both and this summer Chris and I took the kids fishing. 
This has been something that Logan has been begging to do for some time now.  Morgan, she really could care less.  She is always thrilled with whatever we plan.  As one of our activities during our summer vacation, we decided to have the kids fish off of the pier in the Outer Banks.

We rent the fishing rods, we buy the bait, we get our lesson and we park our rears on a prime piece of real estate. 
Can you feel the excitement mounting?  Logan can hardly contain his enthusiasm.  Chris teaches him how to put the bait (it was shrimp) on the hook and how to cast into the ocean.  Logan of course is shocked that he doesn't get a fish instantly.  And if you read my blog, you know my girl is lucky and on her first cast she managed to reel in a fish.  Go figure, check it out here.

You avid fishermen know that this is not a hasty sport.  This takes time and patience.  All the things my son is lacking.  After 30 minutes, he's had enough of this so called fishing and is ready to move on. 

To our surprise, he picks up the bowl of bait and is ready to whirl it into the ocean.  Goodbye shrimp.  Forget you. 

Chris can't believe what he's seeing.  (I pretended to be appalled, but let's face it people.  After about 15 minutes, I too was done with this fishing adventure we were on)

He sits the kids down and proceeds to lecture.

"You see kids.  These shrimp died for you.  They died so you could have a fun morning fishing.  Would you like to be treated like this?  Would you want to be discarded like this?  You need to respect the shrimp.  We are going to fish until we have used all the shrimp. Then we know they have not died in vain."

I swear to you, I cannot make this stuff up. 

We all stood there and stared at this man, who usually seems so sane.  But instead of saying a word.  We picked up our rods and what did we do? 

We respected the shrimp

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