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Friday, August 5, 2011

Designer Stitches

Morgan and I were remembering last summer when she had an injury and needed a visit to the hospital and a slew of stitches.  She loves to ask about it...you see she doesn't remember the time in the hospital because they gave her a medicine that causes amnesia.  Happy Injured Baby = Calm mother.

This time Morgan wanted to hear all about the stitches.  "How many were there mommy?"

I tell her, "7, Morgan."

"What color were they?"


"You sure they weren't blue?"

"Yes, I'm sure.  They were black."

"I thought they were pink."

"No babe, they were black."

"You sure they weren't blue Mom?"

"Morgan.  I'm absolutely positive.  They were black."

"Were they at least sparkly black?"

"Oh for the love!....they were plain black Morgan."

Thank goodness she eventually moved on even if she was a bit disappointed.  I know we have color casts...how about color stitches?  Perhaps they already exist, but to be honest I have no desire to find out.

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