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Monday, June 20, 2011

Good Ol Fashioned Hamburgers

Who makes your favorite hamburger?  Mine happens to be from a local spot here in Cincinnati - forget about those fast food burgers and give me a Terry's burger any day.  My kids on the other hand have been faithful McDonald's followers since they first knew what a hamburger was.  That was until recently...

Logan decided he wanted a Wendy's burger.  And to be honest, I think they make a pretty mean sandwich.  So last Friday I ordered him a single - plain, no ketchup, fries and a frosty. 

Logan plowed through the frosty, even managing to dip his fries in the ice cream but the hamburger remained relatively untouched.

I asked him what was wrong with his food.

"Mom, this hamburger is not good at all."  There is definitely something wrong with it."  I actually was a little worried maybe the meat was bad so I took a taste test.  Hamburger was fine, perhaps a bit dry but when you ask for a plain burger on a bun what do you expect.  I told Logan as much.

He says, "That's not it Mom.  I read the sign and it said Old Fashioned Hamburgers.  They really need to start getting some new burgers."

Wow and who thinks kids don't pay attention to advertising?

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