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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fashion Advice From Your Kids

Do your kids give you fashion advice...or perhaps they critique your outfits? I suppose this concept never really dawned on me since my little ones are exactly that...little. What do they care what Mom has on, what her shoes look like or even if she matches. Aren't they suppose to think their Mom is gorgeous no matter what she wears...even if it's a mumu?

Apparently that's not how it's working in my house any longer.

I took my boy shopping with me (really had no choice this was his only option...I know people... complete and utter torture) and tried on a number of potential new things.
He definitely was full of opinions.

"Mom, that makes you look like a hippie." (How does he even know what that is?)

"Mom, that makes you look like a balloon." (Thanks buddy, thanks alot)

"Mom, OMG that makes you look like a sick purple penguin."

OK, so much for that shopping trip. Such an ego booster.  Have I mentioned...having kids is fun.

PS...I don't typically post pictures of myself out here, but what the heck. I can be stylish, even if I look like a sick purple penguin. Take that kiddo.

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